A strong business partner within bedding comfort

We offer complete and personalized service with a clear focus on your needs. Our assortment is the broadest on the market of specific bedding and comfort solutions to the hotel market.

Hilding Anders is the leading manufacturer of beds in Europe, Russia and Asia. With Hilding Anders you will have a strong partner with a great amount of resources and ability to meet your needs, when it comes to both the products you demand as well as your geographical location.

Quality above the usual

  • We offer beds and mattress specially designed for hotel solutions. We manufacture our beds and mattresses in a way so that quality and comfort is preserved for years to come.
  • Our production is certified according to ISO 14001
  • Our products are hand made in our very own factories in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Quality and craftsmanship combined with favorable warranty provides the reassurance you need that our beds are produced with up most quality
  • We fullfill with local standards of fire safety and our products meets the demands of EN 597-1

Safety & Environment

You and your guests should feel safe about the beds and mattresses that we deliver. Our products have different capacities pending on your needs. We have made rigid demands both towards our processes as well as the material we use.

• Our products are certified in accordance with ISO 14001
• Most of our beds are built with FSC labeled wood

We put people at the center of everything we do

We always look at what we do from you and your customers’ perspective. A hotel bed should offer ultimate comfort while at the same time create a sense of well-being and safety. This is why Hilding Anders is committed to the 10 principles of “UN Global Compact”.

Local Product Development

By having product development capabilities in 19 countries we are able to provide development solutions that are tailored to your business. Our latest innovation is the unique bed manufacturing technique, MLB, which creates ultimate flexibility, optimal resistance and greater depth for comfort.

Functionality and design

The design of the bed and the level of quality in every detail is important in order to give your guests an experience that creates positive associations towards your business.

Strong Brands

We have some of the leading brands in Europe. We drive innovation, and invest significant resources in research and development. Many of our local brands have an exclusively national presence, while others are available regionally. These brands have a strong identity in their markets, and a product offer that is geared towards local preferences.

Europe's largest bed manufacturer

The mission of Hilding Anders is "Giving the world a good night's sleep". 9.500 colleagues at 25 sites with deliveries on 40+ markets share this commitment, making us the undisputed leader for beds and mattresses in Europe, Russia and Asia. The company is based in Malmö, Sweden, and majority owned by US based Private Equity firm KKR.