BedBug Protector

Now there is a new and unique bedbug protector

A BedBug attack may cause harm and discomfort. Additionally, the financial damage can be very grave. With our bedbug protector you can protect you bed or mattress from bedbugs. The product has a unique designed material which bedbugs cannot penetrate.

Along with the sipper that has a unique locking technique the bedbugs won’t be able to get in nor get out of a correctly assembled bedbug protector. During manufacturing, the density of the product is meticulously supervised to ensure the products primary function of preventing and controlling a bedbug attack.

About BedBug Protector

A new and unique bedbug protecting solution designed for Scandinavian beds that has both preventive and reactive qualities which will prevent your investment in your bed.
The product is designed to prevent bedbugs from accessing a matress topper, spring mattress or turnable mattres. It also serves to prevent bedbugs from further spreading.

This is how it works

The bedbug protector is designed for hotels and other places where the risk of spread is high.

The bedbug protector is designed to prevent bedbugs from entering or exiting the mattress. With an extremely tight fabric, special sipper and an enclosed surface around the legs, the bed bugs are prevented from entering the bed or mattress.

If there is already a case of bed bugs then the bedbug protector will enclose the bed bugs, preventing them from survival as they’re source of nutrition is limited.
The fabric is soft and comfortable. The advanced structure enables a new dimension of breathability and is washable.

Tested Product Safety

BedBug Protector is tested and approved:
Fabric, seams, sipper, sealing of the sipper and legs creates a layer which bed bugs cannot penetrate. The bed bug protector also has the ability to withstand an inward attack by preventing bed bugs from exiting and biting people sleeping on the mattress or in the bed.

BedBug Protector is tested and approved by:
**Snell Scientifics LLC Georgia, USA ** - One of few laboratories around the world that test with actual living bed bugs
Nattaro Labs, Lund, Sweden - Leading experts on bedbugs with the leading laboratory in Scandinavia. Nattaro labs have their own bed bug plantation and extensive research and development.

The advancement of bed bugs

A growing problem around the world
The problem of bed bugs has resurfaced in Sweden and the rest of the world. One factor is the change of people’s travelling habit and the fact that bed bugs have become resistant to pesticides. Bed bugs replicate which means that you need to take action in order to get rid of them.

Bed bugs are insects who are active during the night. They are similar to mosquitos due to the fact that they receive their nourishment from humans. They are red and brown colored in their appearance and look similar to tiny beetles. They are approximately 1 – 5 mm long and are unable to fly.

The ecology of bed bugs

Bed bugs get their nutrition solely from blood, from humans or animals. They like to live as close to the food as possible. The female bed bug lays approximately four eggs per day and will lay between 200 – 500 egs before it dies.

Where are bed bugs?
Bed bugs primarly live in small corners throughout the day which makes it difficult to discover them in time. The longer the duration of an attack the more likely

Bed bugs’ life cycle
The egg hatching occurs between one to two and a half weeks after breeding. A nymph is hatched and immediately searches for source of nutrition. A meal (5 – 10 minutes) is enough for the bed bugs to be able to molt and move forward in the cycle. A nymph will molt approximately 5 – 6 times before they are complete bed bugs. When the fertile bed bug is finished it will crawl back to its hiding place and lay new eggs.

**Bed bugs’ survival instinct **
Bed bugs’ have a unique ability to hibernate for more than a year when there is no food. It is difficult to starve bed bugs, but you can trap them so that there will be no further damage.


• Warranty only covers faults in the construction of the product, material or an error in the manufacturing of the product.
• Warranty is limited to 25 washes or up to three years – depending on which of the two that occurs first.
• Warranty does not cover direct or indirect damages. Hilding Anders and their retailers rejects all responsibility of bed bug attack or other damage in other products, material or spaces which the product is not supposed to protect.
• The warranty is only valid if the product has been assembled according to the instructions that has been provided by Hilding Anders. Damages due to misusage, changes of the product made by the buyer or when the instructions provided by Hilding Anders have not been followed will not be covered by the warranty.


Hilding Anders collaborates with Nattaro labs revolving preventive and reactive solutions regarding problems with bed bugs. Nattaro labs is a science based company which specializes in combating bed bugs.

Bed bugs protector plus Nattaro safe provides a long term protection against bed bug attacks when it is professionally assembled and managed.

Nattaro Safe is assembled as a preventive protection either directly below or outside of the BedBugs protector.